Sunday, January 25, 2015

What if... Book 1: Dream Trouble Part One

"Wake up, zombie girl" my sister says as she walks past my door.
"Just a minute" I groan.
"Wake up!" she says again,
"Did you even hear me?" I ask yawning.
"Just get ready, I have a very important meeting today."
My sister, Rocky thinks that going on a date is considered a "meeting" which I think is incredibly false. Oh i'm Ameilia by the way and your about to enter my...

Chapter One
"Come on rocky,you're hogging the phone" I yell.
"I told you I have a meeting today" Rocky says sarcastically,
"Hey, I know you're not in a real business yet," I say rudely.
"Well geez!" Rocky screams. I run downstairs trying to find another phone
"Come out, come out, wherever you are phones," I say helplessly. Finally I spot it, "a phone" I whisper.

"Abby please come over" I say on the phone.
"Fine but no burgers"Abby answers.
"Ok"I sigh as I walk into the kitchen.

Chapter Two
As Abby and I walked to my room , we noticed a small picture frame that had never been there before. My parents weren't home, so we couldn't ask them what it was, or who put it up. Abby and I decided to bring it up to my room and investigate, but as soon as we touched it - POOF!

Chapter Three
"This was supposed to be a sleepover," I whine, but when I looked around all I could see was feet, big, gigantic feet. "OMG" says Abby "this is just like one of my dreams." "Huh?" I answer, "you dreamed of feet?" "Well no" she answers "I dreamed of being squished by giant feet." "Wait a minute" I ask looking down at my clothes "Why am I wearing a bikini?" "Ha ha, that's a good one" she says. "But I'm really wearing a bikini" I explain. "Run" Abby screams grabbing my hand. Abby tugged my arm the way a giant would try to cuddle a doll, which is the wrong way. Pain fluttered through my arm. "My feet ache" I whine. "Well we can't stop now" Abby says panting. "Why not?" I ask. "You don't want to know" she says sadly. "Why not?" I say again. "Well look." "OMG!" There are giant people charging at us. "Oh my gosh" I almost fainted. "Come on" I yell through tears "we've got to survive this." "Follow me" Abby said sobbing. I followed Abby to a deep dark cave. There were shimmering lights all around me, and then I noticed a small white diamond lying on the floor. I picked it up and BOOM!

Chapter Four

"What the?" I say looking around, "this is like my dream." I looked down at my clothes "No more bikini" I shout excitedly. I'm wearing a white diamond dress, but really it doesn't show. Why you ask? Well you'll find out. The world around me was shiny white and I couldn't find Abby. That is until she pushed me, screamed, and made a face. She was wearing a clown suit. "Why Amelia, Why?" she says quietly. "So what do we do now" I ask Abby. "You tell me" she answers "it's your dream." I try to remember how my dream goes, but have absolutely no success. It is like my brain chose to forget it on purpose. STUPID BRAIN! "Come on, just follow me" I say. "Why, do you remember your dream?" she asks. "No" I scream. As I did that, the ground started to shake. I actually got scared, and Abby well she screamed. We got knocked off the ground, we flew and flew in the air until...PING!

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